Sunday, April 19, 2009

hello friends!

Hi well alot again has happened,Carrie came home for spring break and we ran around all week,I was tired.I guess I am too old to do that anymore! She found the dress she wanted and now it is looking for all the other stuff,wow what a list of things to do! I am thankful for the daughter's God has given me,they are a true blessing!
Easter sunday was a big day at church this year,we had an easter egg hunt with 2300 eggs and a great host of kids! WE offered family pictures to all who wanted one and that was a big hit! we had 2 people saved in the auditorium onw who we have been praying for for quite awhile,what a blesssing it was then on sunday night we kicked off our revival with kurt la Bouve,he is a blind evangelist and singer,we had a teen saved that we have been praying for and 2 of our young adults baptised!
Cathy is seeking God's will about an offer she had given to her ,pray that she makes the right desision,I am sure she will just a new step for her.
We are soon going to be planting,as soon as the weather warms up which needs to be soon!
We hope to see you again soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow! Seems like time flies by! We have been busy,our room is about done ,we are waiting on carpet. The biggest challenge right now is beginning to plan Carrie's wedding,they have set the date of October 3rd 2009,So we have to get going,she is doing a great job of getting organized,she has asked a good friend to be her coordinator so Leanna will make sure she stays on track. She will be home next week so hopefully we will get alot accomplished. Please keep praying for Dominic,he is progressing more all the time but still has a ways to go,he has a good attitude about it which is very beneficial.
I am ready for SPRING!! Today it was 70 and felt soo good,BUT they say it is going to be high of 40 on friday so we arent done with the cold yet!
We had a big disappointment last friday night,our hometown basketball team had won all their games this season and last season,so they had not lost in over 47 games,we were hoping to go to state tourneyments again this year but it was not to be...they had a off night,couldnt get their balls to go in,so we lost.It was sad in one way BUT we are VERY proud of them,they had a great run,the best in school history SO they have NO reason to hang their heads they were a great team,thank you guys,it was fun!
Easter is coming and we are going to try to have a great sunday,we are pulling out the stops to get people to come,we hope we have a great number trust Christ as their savior that sunday. Weare busy going door to door passing out fliers for our BIG Day!!
have a great week,enjoy God's wonderful creation!! I'm so glad I have a BIG God who loves me no matter what!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the lord and He will give thee the desires of thine heart. That verse has been really special to me since I began dating my husband, We claimed this verse as ours early in our relationship,it also gives me delight as i look at my daughter Carrie and her fiance. They had been dating for awhile and it was nearing a time we knew Dominic would ask her to marry him but as of Christmas he didn't think she was ready BUT then came January 11,he was in a very serious sledding accident and broke his back. This was a good wakeup call for Carrie she KNEW she loved him more than ever then. We are so glad to say that they are happily engaged now and he is on the road to recovery! He is in a rehab center in Grand Rapids MI and is doing great! It will be a long time before he can walk easily but as of now he can walk with a exciting!! To God be the Glory!! We have been busy,we decided to redo our bedroom and put the oak trim in like the front of the house,this is a major job for Chris! I do very little BUT it is taking shape now and it is very nice! We also made it thru tax time and that is always an accomplishment!! We have missionaries staying with us this week and what a blessing they have been! Lowell and Michelle Griffin and their 5 children are a huge blessing! The kids love to come down to the farm and help milk,they also helped Chris haul manure the other day Fun Job!! Michelle talked to our ladies missions group last night and we had a great time with her...learning about all the bugs ugh!! Well so far we have had a wonderful year,God has been very good to us and our family, we are truely BLESSED!! Thank you Lord!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


hello everyone!
It has been a very long time since I have been on here,alot has happened!
We had a wonderful holiday season,Thanksgiving brought alot of my family home,my sister,brother and 2 nephews along with each of my kids having a guest. Carrie brought home Dominic,he came with her last year and it didnt turn out too good,so we teased him this year about that. Christmas was good,this year for the first time we had a guest,Carrie again had Dominic here,we enjoyed having him here very much,we are starting to believe she must like him or something!!!
THEN last sunday Dominic had a snow sledding accident,he was careflighted to Saginaw which is 2 hours from gaylord where he and Carrie both live,a very close friend of hers knowingly grandpa Musgrave took carrie to the hospital where she has been with Dominic's parents ever since. He had surgery sunday night and fixed a crushed vertebra and took out bone fragment out of his spine. He is doing much better but still cant feel much and is in alot of pain.Carrie said he sat up today but it was very painful but it is improvement!
We are asking for prayer fpor him as he begins this journey,the dr is not sure if he will walk or not,we are asking God to make that happen.Please remember carrie too as she goes back to work and will have to travel 3 hours to see him I will try to update again real soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

beautiful weather

well I love fall and this year the weather has been great,cool mornings but gets very nice during the day,harvest is progressing beans are done and corn is coming slow,because of the high wind from the hrricane we have alot of down corn,Chris is going around it some and hopefully we will have another tool to use or have someone harvest it for us,the yield is about 1/2 of the normal BUT we are very thankful for it,as dry as it was this summer things coiuld have been ALOT worse,as always God is good!!Fall also means craft shows!! We went to the really big one in findley last weekend it was very good! We have several we go to each year,it is always very fun time! Today we went to Homer and Roslyn Stutsman 50th anniversary party,they had a very nice party,even Kevin made it home from Arkansas,that made it very special for them!~
Wel;l I hope you are having a very nice fall,God id good isnt he?

Sunday, September 28, 2008


hi! well harvest is underway,Chris has combined 3 fieldsof soybeans and the yield is pretty low,but with the drought we have had this summer this was expected. It is always neat to see how God works,he is in charge of the crops and we just have to trust Him! Our oldest daughter, Cathy , had a birthday this week,seems like only yesterday she was born! She is doing great teaching in tennessee and we love her and miss her very much! My garden isnt producing much hopefully we will still get a few tomatoes and a few potatoes yet. We have missions conference this week,this is my favorite conference of the year,I soo enjoy getting to know new and renew aquaintances with our some of the missionaries we support. Bro Phil Schipper preaches for us and I love to hear him preach,I am looking forward to his wife and family being with him since they are now traveling togather in a mobile home. We always keep a family and this year we are keeping a family of five,it is always fun to get to know them! Well I hope you have a blessed week,fall is upon us,I enjoy the cool mornings!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


greetings! Last sunday our founding pastor ,Ron Boldman visited our church,it was a very nice surprise for everyone! Pastor Ewing was glad to meet him and the next day they got togather for lunch.It sounded like it was a nice time. We are being to work on a church anniversary celebration,if you or anyone you know used top attend here we would like to have names and addresses if possible,we are compiling a list to send invitations to we wouild like to invite everyone who used to be a member here. I went up to the ladies meeting in Gaylord this weekend,I took Carrie a trunk full of things a few small tables and just stuff she needed,we stayed with her ,she has a very cute little apartment,she loves it! We heard Mrs Cathy Berry and Mrs Loretta Walker and of course pastor and Mrs Jenkins [the pastor and his wife] I was very blessed we heard alot of good stuff! Melissa our pastor's wife got to play their version of the price is right,she enjoyed it alot! We are getting ready for missions conf a week from Wednesday.It's my favorite conference of the year! We are keeping a family going to mexico for the week. Well I hope you have a great week! Keep Christ First!